Saturday, September 1, 2012

Visual Timers Anyone?

I LOVE visual timers.. let me just proclaim that!!  Have you used these things?

I have no affiliation with Time Timer, but I use these in my classroom and wanted to share how great they are! This picture is taken from their website.  I have 3 different sizes in my room and my kids love them.

How many of your students don't understand what 5 minutes left is or have a fit when it is transition time?  This takes all the guess work out of it.  Set the timer to the time you want and watch the red disappear.  I just say "Check Red" and my students check to see how much more "red" they have left.  Once all the red is gone, they know it is time to transition. 

These are really good for students with Autism because of the difficulties that many have with transitions.  It is also visual which is great for them. 

Who has used these in their classroom before?  Who wishes they had some? 

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