Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Feel like you have a lot of paperwork and you never know how to get it all done?  I do!!!

How about giving some of the responsibility back to the students.  Have the students self-monitor their own behavior!  This really shows them that they are charge of their own behavior and really makes things real because they are now having to collect the data and always see the numbers growing.

Here are some ideas on how to get students involved in self monitoring:

1. Have them keep a tally of their behaviors.  You can pick target behaviors that you want them to keep track of.  When you see the behavior, have them mark a tally.

2. Set goals with them and have them track their progress on their goals through graphs.

3. Have them keep a graph of their test scores

There are so many more ways!  I plan to get my students very involved in self-monitoring this year.  I am starting data binders with my students.  Check out Rockin' Teacher Materials' blog.  She has shared some great ideas about data binders, including freebies.

She has more than one post about it, so make sure you follow links to find even more.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Do You Calm Yourself?

Wow.. the beginning of this school year is off to a rough start.  I am working with 10 kids that I wasn't working with at the end of last year... along with all of my "babies" from last year (except for the 3 that went to middle school... but I have replaced them and then some).

I have already had to think about my own calming strategies and thought I would share with you what I do when frustrated and upset at school.  I want to hear what you do also, so maybe I can have some more ideas... come on everyone... we all know we have those days at some point or another.

So here is my list...

1. Walk away

2. Deep breaths

My students know I can't live without my pepsi.  I try to do a can this size each day.. but sometimes I just have to do the Speedway Fountain 32 oz Pepsi. 

4.   I'm always eating chocolate!!  Butterfingers are my go to chocolate right now, but that will change.

5. And the new edition to my classroom that I think I may be using some is my new swing...  I LOVE swinging... always have!!  And of course I am super excited that I have one in my room for the students to use because it is such a great sensory tool.  This is the picture from where we bought it.  I am planning to post pictures of my sensory room soon.
Platform Swing

Your turn... what are some things you do when you become frustrated at school???

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beginning of the year...

Wow!  I've missed blogging!  The beginning of this school year has taken my life over.  I have 5 new kids that I will be working with that need at least Social Skills and Sensory Break.. some need a lot more than that... setting me at a total of 25 behavior students that I am working with in some way right now.  Getting back into the swing of lesson planning (for the 11) that we actually teach in my room and social skills/behavior management planning for all 25 is taking a little more than I thought it would. 

Some behaviors that I have found that I will be working with this year (which means I will be blogging about also for all you with similar students) are biting, kicking, scratching, hitting, spitting, throwing objects, running away, refusal to do work, verbal aggression, easily frustrated, whining, and any combo of these behaviors.

Here are some goals that I am setting for the year that I would love for you all to hold me accountable for:

1. Make my assignments/activities more engaging for each student. 

2. Teaching Social Skills to each individual student.  (Although many of my students have the same needs, I want to make sure Social Skills Instruction is individualized also to work on what each student really needs.  Then, they can practice it together)

3. Learn more about each student and the individual behaviors, develop strategies to work with them, and share them with all of you!

Anybody know what types of behaviors they will be dealing with this year??

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