Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How Do You Calm Yourself?

Wow.. the beginning of this school year is off to a rough start.  I am working with 10 kids that I wasn't working with at the end of last year... along with all of my "babies" from last year (except for the 3 that went to middle school... but I have replaced them and then some).

I have already had to think about my own calming strategies and thought I would share with you what I do when frustrated and upset at school.  I want to hear what you do also, so maybe I can have some more ideas... come on everyone... we all know we have those days at some point or another.

So here is my list...

1. Walk away

2. Deep breaths

My students know I can't live without my pepsi.  I try to do a can this size each day.. but sometimes I just have to do the Speedway Fountain 32 oz Pepsi. 

4.   I'm always eating chocolate!!  Butterfingers are my go to chocolate right now, but that will change.

5. And the new edition to my classroom that I think I may be using some is my new swing...  I LOVE swinging... always have!!  And of course I am super excited that I have one in my room for the students to use because it is such a great sensory tool.  This is the picture from where we bought it.  I am planning to post pictures of my sensory room soon.
Platform Swing

Your turn... what are some things you do when you become frustrated at school???

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  1. Deep breathing. Sing! It changes everyone's mood. If singing isn't possible for whatever reason, quiet background music is nice and calming for everyone. Sometimes when we're all frustrated, we take a break of some sort.

    Joell <-- a new follower
    Totally Terrific Teaching

    1. Singing is great! Pandora is played in my room quite often!!

  2. Laugh! If I feel myself getting frustrated or overwhelmed, I try to make a joke about the situation and just laugh away the stress. It also helps to have wonderful assistant teachers in the room who can get the joke and laugh with me. Some days you just have to not take it all too seriously.

    1. Agreed! I do have to laugh a lot. The paras in my room are amazing and we all help each other laugh through things!

  3. Since my father gave 30+ years of his career to Pepsi, I am honored to see this made your list. :)

    Always A Lesson

    1. I greatly appreciate your father's work with Pepsi!! I don't know what I would do without Pepsi! :-)

  4. Diet Coke - just to introduce a different choice! lol Can't resist a large DC from McDonalds on my way in (any size $1).

    My para is wonderful. Usually, we can look at each other, shrug our shoulders and go on.


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